Active Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Santa Barbara

Sometimes, despite your best planning, Mother Nature intervenes with a day of rain when you are expecting sun. Don’t be discouraged; there are still many active things to do on a rainy day in Santa Barbara, CA. You can, of course, hunker down and spend the day catching up on sleep, reading that novel you have set aside, or planning a day of shopping. But if your heart is set on exploring and being energetic, here are our suggestions:

If You Don’t Mind Getting Wet:

*DO NOT be out on the water in the event of a lightning storm. Seek shelter in your car or an enclosed space if you find yourself out when a storm rolls in. 

Go Play in the Water

You are going to get wet outside anyway, so why not go ahead and rent a kayak or paddleboard? Many water-based activities can still be fun if you have the right gear. If it is incredibly windy or downpouring monsoon rain, this isn’t going to work, but outfitters still have guided tours during light rain.

Put on Your Raincoats and Boots, Splash in the Puddles

If you came prepared with raincoats and rainboots, put them on and head out. As a kid, you loved splashing in the puddles, so re-awaken those child-like feelings. Take a walk down Cabrero Blvd, or try one of these easy hikes. Take a trip to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and follow the 5 miles of trails there.

Whales Don’t Mind Getting Wet

If the rain is light, and the waves and wind are not high, the Whale Watching Tours will still go out. Be sure to dress for the weather; it will be cooler on the water than on shore.

If You Would Rather Stay Dry:

Go Indoor Rock Climbing

Santa Barbara has an indoor Rock Climbing Gym with several classes for beginners and more experienced climbers. A few hours on the wall will surely get your blood pumping!

Take a Trapeze Lesson

The Santa Barbara Trapeze Company has both flying and parkour lessons. You are intrigued, aren’t you? Do you wish the rain would stop or keep up?

Try a Yoga Class

If you practice yoga at home, you know there are as many kinds of yoga as there are fast food restaurants. Here is a list of the best studios. Take a look and try something new.

If You Want to Try Some Sightseeing

Visit an Interactive Museum

Many different museums all around Santa Barbara fit other interests. Continue the day with a spirit of play and visit the MOXI, built for curious minds of all ages. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History has many hands-on exhibits that will intrigue.

Drive to Vineyards

Maybe it’s not raining in wine country?  But even if it is, the drive is fun, and visiting the wineries is educational and tasty. Pick a couple of wineries, and find your favorite.

Tomorrow, the Sun Will Shine

There are enough ideas here of active things to do on a rainy day in Santa Barbara, CA, to cover more than one day of rain. The norm here in Santa Barbara is sunshine, the beaches are fabulous, and the restaurants are overflowing with tasty treats. Enjoy your in-house breakfast at the Eagle Inn, and relax in your luxurious room or suite. Make sure you book your stay now!


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