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Seahorse sculpture in the harbor with docked boats and a cruise ship in the background
Sandy beach with birds in the frothy water and distant trees amidst blue skies
Mother and young son looking at a whale hanging from the ceiling at a museum
Aerial view of Santa Barbara with tops of buildings peeking through tree tops and mountains in background
Huge tree growing in a park with paved sidewalk
Spanish style building with two flanking towers, ivory stucco, red tiled roof
Man and woman sitting on the beach looking at the water
Spanish style ivory stucco building with red tile roof, large clock and tops of palm trees
Pink flamingos with black beaks
Mother, young son and zoo worker while son feeds giraffe
Women wearing colorful costumes and feather plume hats while walking down the street during a parade
Field of wildflowers growing with grasses and trees in the background
Sailboat sailing in the water with Santa Barbara and mountains in the background
White and turquoise shuttle bus riving around Santa Barbara amidst palm trees and harbor views
People watching men gather crates of fresh sea urchins
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