Indulge in Me-Time in the 7 Best Places to Shop in Santa Barbara

We have curated the best places to shop in Santa Barbara. Take time for a little retail therapy! Santa Barbara has plenty of sunshine, so take a break from time at the beach and in the water.

Whether you’re a list maker bee-lining it to one store or a serendipitous wanderer, we can guide you to the 7 best places to shop in Santa Barbara.

Beach souvenirs, designer clothing stores, open-air shopping plazas, and vintage goods are all part of shopping in Santa Barbara. To make it even easier, The Eagle Inn is conveniently located near all these fantastic spots.

1. State Street

The primary shopping zone
Downtown is a great place to start. State Street is the address of malls and plazas, but the street itself is a window-shopping paradise. Wander along the palm-lined street and find various branded stores and locally owned specialty shops. There is even a seven-block portion closed to vehicle traffic called the Promenade from 500 to 1300 State Street.

Don’t miss the Victorian Court, hidden through a nondescript entrance at 1121 State Street. This hidden gem is your home for all things vintage.

2. Paso Nuevo Mall

Outdoor shopping with Spanish vibes
Paseo Nuevo Mall is a downtown outdoor shopping mall that takes advantage of Santa Barbara’s mild weather. The architecture is Spanish and designed for wandering, with many fountains and courtyards. During the winter holiday season, they even arrange for snow!

You will find 50 shops and restaurants, including name brands like the Gap and locally owned stores.

3. La Arcada Courtyard

Galleries and boutiques in the historic cultural arts district
With a courtyard of tile-lined walkways decorated with plants, fountains, and sculptures, La Arcada Courtyard oozes old-world charm. Once you’ve seen the iconic turtle fountain, relax at a sidewalk café or visit an art gallery. And there’s plenty of shopping: clothing attire, home decór, French chocolate, and Santa Barbara wine.

4. The Funk Zone

Artsy and eclectic with an industrial vibe
The Funk Zone is within easy walking distance from The Eagle Inn. Grab a map and spend an afternoon admiring the vibrant murals and visiting the wine and beer-tasting rooms. In between, there are plenty of galleries, vintage shops, and home goods stores to visit.

5. Stearns Wharf

Shop on the water
The boardwalk along Stearns Wharf has spectacular views and iconic restaurants and shops. Pick up souvenirs for family and friends who didn’t get to come with you!

6. Arlington Plaza

Upscale shopping across from the theater
The Arlington Plaza is a sun-drenched plaza home to high-end luxury clothing boutiques. Enjoy this quiet end of downtown Santa Barbara.

7. La Cumbre Plaza

Close to the airport for last-minute shopping
La Cumbre Plaza has national brands like Talbots, Chicos, and restaurants. Starbucks is also ready for a last-minute stop before you hit the airport.

Where to Relax and Stash Your Shopping Treasures

These 7 best places to shop in Santa Barbara will help satisfy most of your shopping needs. If you want additional suggestions, ask us at The Eagle Inn. We love Santa Barbara and want to help share our corner of paradise with you. Plan your getaway, and let us help you find restaurants or activities—anything and everything that will make a memorable stay.

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