Most Romantic Retreat in Santa Barbara CA

Seclusion, romance, and relaxation are the three most important elements that will ensure the perfect getaway. The Eagle Inn, renowned for being the most romantic retreat in Santa Barbara, CA, provides all of those features in a historic Spanish Colonial style. Just minutes from both the beach and downtown, it is easy to choose a room or Casita with exactly the amenities you desire.

We can assist with any special getaway that you are planning. Call and we can suggest extras for your room, special restaurants, or day trips that match your interests.


What is a Casita? It is literally “a little house,” which means a small freestanding structure that gives you just enough seclusion to give you the feeling of romantic isolation. Each Casita has a private entryway making it more of a condo than a hotel room, yet you are only steps from the office or breakfast room.

Casitas also have large beds (choose between a queen or king) and your choice of amenities such as a fireplace, Jacuzzi tub, or balcony. It is the perfect place to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary or special occasion. We make it easy to pick exactly what you want. But don’t be disappointed, to get exactly what you want in a smaller, intimate property, book directly, and in advance. If you have questions, call us! We are here to help.


What says romance to you? Is it chocolate, or maybe champagne? To some, it is flowers; and others, a massage. Time together in a beautiful setting is just the start! Eagle Inn can help you plan for all the extras that will make your escape truly memorable.

Choose a room with a two-person Jacuzzi, and nibble on some chocolate-covered strawberries! If you let us know in advance, we will make sure that everything is waiting for you when you arrive.


Sometimes, when planning a getaway, especially when vacations are few and far between, the villain can be OVER planning. Make sure you leave plenty of time to sit and watch the ocean waves while enjoying a local bottle of wine. Don’t set an alarm. Ask for breakfast to be delivered to your room. Indulge in a little indolence. Take the time to enjoy each other’s company.

If you can, plan for a retreat of several days. It takes time to unwind. Studies have shown that it takes at least four days away before you totally shake off the concerns of work and the problems that you have left at home. Don’t worry; we can suggest lots of great outings!

Let the Eagle Inn be your most romantic retreat in Santa Barbara, CA. Did you know that Santa Barbara is known as the “American Riviera?” Let the area nestled between the ocean and the mountains sweep you into a seductive reverie. We want to help you love Santa Barbara as much as we do!

“Got a text 2 days out from “my” ambassador to the hotel. You can tell their priority is the customer and it’s reflected in their incredible breakfasts, and greatly above-average customer service. If you intend to stay in Santa Barbara, please stay at the Eagle inn. The rooms are spacious, charming, and have beautiful modern bathrooms. We were here to celebrate my wife and my honeymoon and we were welcomed with a really sweet display of towels folded Into swans surrounded by a heart-shaped spread of flower petals. Really special service. I love this place.”
                   — Sept 2021 Google Review

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