Santa Barbara’s Top Spanish Restaurants

Gazing into the distance while standing just outside the city, you bear witness to a sea of red-tile clay roofs and white stucco adorned with lush green foliage. Catching on the breeze is the aroma of Spanish cuisine mixed with salty sea and mountain freshness. It’s as if you’ve been planted in the heart of Spain. Yet you’re experiencing the glory of Santa Barbara, CA. For a taste of Spain’s influence on this beautiful city, here are the top Spanish restaurants in Santa Barbara, CA.

It’s obvious at first glance the city is rich with Spanish influence, but where that really hits home is in the food. From black mole confit tacos at Milk and Honey to patatas bravas at Alcazar Tapas Bar, Santa Barbara will fill your taste buds with the most exquisite savories reminiscent of southwestern Europe.

Below we have compiled a shortlist of the best Spanish restaurants in Santa Barbara where you can fully immerse yourself in the culture.

Loquita Santa Barbara

This top-notch spot is known for it’s paella but the entire menu will make your mouth water. A compilation of Spanish wines with a smattering of similarly cultured cocktails fill the drink menu for the full experience.

Poquita joins Loquita in this white stucco structure, perched just around the corner. It offers a standing-room-only pintxos (small bites) bar.

Milk and Honey

This upscale joint rocks the cocktail scene with drinks that rival the most elite in the big cities. Dishes are served in traditional fashion- shareable and ready to devour. And with menu items like the rajas tacos– pasilla chile, onion, white truffle salt, cream, habanero cream sauce, pickled onion, cilantro, and a corn tortilla– you’re not getting out without at least one deep sigh of contentment.

Alcazar Tapas Bar

This tapas stop is the original sister restaurant to Milk and Honey, and you can taste the pride this company packs into the dishes. We recommend trying their bacon-wrapped dates with wildflower honey to start your edible adventure. Vamos a tapear!

Your Spanish-inspired food voyage isn’t just about what you eat. It’s HOW you eat too. So, live the lifestyle of the Spaniards and journey from one restaurant to the other for tapas and social drinks. Take your time as you enjoy this prolific ride through the flavor profiles of Spain, and don’t forget your afternoon siesta right here at Eagle Inn!

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